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About Snellville GA, home to 3,200-acre Stone Mountain Park in Georgia
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About Snellville

About Snellville

Snellville, GA is situated between Atlanta and Athens. It is a bustling suburb with small-town charm. Visitors and residents will be pleased to see a variety of shopping and eateries on Highway 124, the world class Eastside Hospital and award-winning schools. Earlier, Snellville was a small farming society of New London but now it has the status of its own as the fastest developing city in Georgia. This place has numerous tourist attractions where you can enjoy with your whole family and create memories for the lifetime. Snellville was discovered in 1874 by two young brothers, as they started a surreptitious voyage from Atlanta. This place is 18 miles away from Atlanta towards east.


Snellville’s development in its early days was sluggish in view of the fact that it was not positioned on any crossable water body and it was circumvented by the railroads. On the other hand, the city did slot-in on August 20, 1923, when it acknowledged its agreement from the General Assembly of the Georgia.  Snellville’s initial mayor was Gladston Snell. The augmentation of the city continued to be dawdling until the 1960’s when the inhabited growth patterns of separated uses and vehicle reliance became an ordinary thing.


According to the year 2013, Snellville’s population is 19,245 and owns an area of 27.45 km2. The city sustained success stems from the southern generosity of its residents as well as the flexibility of its surroundings.  Due to a diversity of shops, eateries, schools, worshipping places, a healthcare center, enriching events, frivolous activities, along with a profusion of nearby places, Snellville’s inhabitants and guests can fulfill their amusement and family requirements close to the residence.  From a small farming community to the prospering present-day community, Snellville continues to be one of the most successful cities in the Atlanta region.


Places to Visit


Stone Mountain Park: The 3,200-acre Stone Mountain Park is approximately six miles away from Snellville and proffers exciting activities and fun for everybody, counting an enormous statuette of three Confederate Civil War heroes engraved out of the mountain which is 400 feet above the earth. The adventurous activities consist of rides on a Swiss cable car which takes you to the pinnacle of the Stone Mountain for bird’s eye view of the Snellville skyline. When you are done with the flattering the view, you must take the Sky trek, which is an adventure route that takes you all the way through the treetops.


AMF Snellville Lanes


If you are fond of the behind the times game of bowling then you must go to the AMF Snellville Lanes. You can also enjoy snacks, popcorn, pizzas, sodas, burgers plus appetizers dished up at the Laneside Grill. The bowling alleyway also does the arrangements for parties, business get-togethers, and particular events, both for adults and kids, by scheduling activities and foodstuff for the entire group.


Snellville is a place where everyone from your family can enjoy the pleasant as well as adventurous time and will remember it forever.

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